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Age: 3Y

Sex: Male
Coat: B/W Rough Coat

Weight: ~40Lbs

Activity Level: Active

Good with Other Dogs: Yes

Good with Cats: Unknown

Good with Children: Yes
This Profile Last Updated: 5.9.24

Current Status: Available for Adoption through Owner


  • House/Potty Trained

  • Not currently neutered but adopter would agree to neuter him after the adoption (cost covered by All Border Collie Rescue)

  • Listens to commands

  • Loves to PLAY & RUN FREE

  • Friendly with other dogs and protective

  • He's not aggressive but I've never had him around cats.

  • He's great with kids and always in good spirits.

  • *He would be great with a family who has land*

  • He's due for vaccinations soon, and I'm able to get those done!

We are having to rehome him due to lifestyle & living situation. I've had dogs my whole life but this time around I am struggling taking care of his needs. I am also a mother & our busy schedule does not alight with Winston's needs as much as I have tried to make them align! It's every tough to balance & be in my shoes.

Winston is located in Dayton, Texas. Please reach out to to learn more about him

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