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Age: 10Y

Sex: Male
Coat: Tricolor Rough Coat

Weight: 40Lbs

Activity Level: Low

Good with Other Dogs: Yes

Good with Cats: Yes

Good with Children: Yes
This Profile Last Updated: 5.15.2024

Current Status: Available for Adoption or Long Term Foster


Are you looking for gazes of adoration, endless love and the best/cuddliest companion? Theodore the Teddy 🐻 dog is the man for you!

  • SWEET, gentle Teddy is a 10 year old Montgomery County Animal Shelter Texas rescue who was found as a stray in rough shape

  • He is the most loving, angelic soul dog who is beloved by people, dogs and cats alike 

  • Ted came to us with mobility issues, including arthritis, but has literally gained new life with monthly joint injections (Librella and Adequan), supplements (Dasquin) and great nutrition

  • Ted is healthy besides his mobility issues and has a good appetite - with the right care, he has many good years ahead of him!

  • He has been thoroughly x-rayed and has a full senior health panel, so we feel confident that we have a pretty comprehensive understanding of his health 

  • Ted is very adaptive to new environments and is great with routine. He is housetrained, is game for a couple of 10-15min walks per day and is stunningly good with other household animals of all different ages. He is only high maintenance in love and pets (can’t lie, he is grubby for attention)

  • It’s hard to even capture in words how amazing Teddy is. All we can say is that Teddy embodies the loyalty, love and resilience in dogs that inspires us in the rescue world to keep doing what we do. Everyone who has had the good fortune to meet Ted man has fallen for him

  • We understand that taking on a senior dog can be a lot in terms of care requirements. What we are looking for is someone who WANTS to give Teddy the quality of life he deserves, including continuing his monthly joint shots; supplements; high quality food; being able to lift him (40lbs) in and out of cars (or provide a ramp); keeping him from going up and down stairs too often (this can be very dangerous for senior pets especially on non-carpeted stairs) - but we promise, the reward of Teddy is SO worth it

  • For the right family that may not be able to take on the financial weight, the rescue has a couple of volunteers that are willing to sponsor the cost of Teddy’s ongoing care

Want to learn more about Teddy? Click on the Adoptions tab in the main menus to find out about the adoption process and fill out an application. Teddy's adoption fee is $100 and he is being fostered in Spring, TX.

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