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ABCR T-Shirts


ABCR T-Shirts are now available and ready to ship anywhere in the United States. T-Shirts are $15 each and shipping is a flat $6 for up to 4 shirts. We ship using USPS. (Contact us by email for shipping more than 4 shirts or shipping to countries outside the US. Our email address is: Use the "Buy Now" button button below.  This will take you to PayPal  Checkout for All Border Collie Rescue. In the "Description" Box indicate the number of shirts you want, style, size, neck type, and the shipping address. We have two styles: TI=Throw It (gray) and DW=Drink Wine (navy blue). We have two neck types: R=Regular and V=V-Neck (woman's style and fit). We have sizes: S=Small, M=Medium, L=Large, XL=Extra Large, and XXL=Extra Extra Large. In the "Price per Item"  Box put the total price of the T-Shirts plus shipping. Here are some examples of how an order would look in the "Description" and "Price per Item" boxes on PayPal:

1 Extra Large, V-Neck, Drink Wine T-Shirt..

"Description" Box = 1, XL, V, DW

"Price per Item" Box = 21.00 


The amount of the order would be $21 (1 shirt at $15 each plus $6 shipping totals $21).



1 Extra Extra Large, V-Neck, Drink Wine T-Shirt and 1 Small, Regular, Throw It.

"Description" Box = 1, XXL, V, DW, & 1 S, R, TI

"Price per Item" Box = 36.00 


The amount of the order would be $46 (2 shirts at $20 each plus $6 shipping totals $36).

(No $ sign in the Price per Item box and the "Quantity" Box cannot be changed!)

Click the continue button which takes you to the Checkout page where you can change your Credit Card and Ship to information. Click "Pay Now" to complete the transaction.

Supplies are limited so order soon. And remember these make great gifts for all your Border Collie friends and family! All Border Collie Rescue is a 501c3 tax exempt non-profit corporation. ALL the proceeds from these T-shirts go toward saving more Border Collies.

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