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Age: 3 Years
Sex: Male
Coat: Black and White, Semi-Rough Coat

Weight: 45 lbs

Activity Level: Active Companion - Sports Competitor

Good with Other Dogs: Smaller Dogs

Good with Cats: Curious

Good with Children: Yes
This Profile Last Updated: 9-20-2022

Current Status: Available for Adoption

Sky is a striking Border Collie and because of that he draws attention wherever he goes. He has a quirky, fun-loving personality. Everything is new to him because it is (new to him). You see, Skye was a street dog and was given away by his original finder to another family who, frankly, had no business owning a dog. Skye spent 95% of his 2 years with that family in a chain link pen in the yard under a tree with only a doghouse for shelter and algae covered buckets for water.

Skye is housetrained; good on a leash; loves people, children, and most other dogs (although, large dogs seem threatening to him). He is curious about cats and may chase them. He is a hambone and, as you can see, is very photogenic. We recently took him to an Agility practice, and he loved it (see the video).

But its not all good, this guy does come with some baggage. In the spirit of full disclosure, here it is:

First, Skye is extremely thunder phobic, it’s the worst case we have ever seen. Whoever adopts him will need to diligently monitor the weather on a daily basis. If he is home alone and there is a thunderstorm he can be destructive, he wants to be somewhere where the thunder is not, he will try to escape his crate, the house, the yard. Therefor if he is alone in the house it is mandatory he be crated. We have had good success crating him in a plastic crate inside a dark closet. It will end up being his safe place. We have also been preemptively dosing him with Trazodone to decrease his anxiety on what might be stormy days. He will come with the crate we have been using for him, a plastic one with wire door and dual spring latches. He escapes regular wire crates easily and can even escape an Alcatraz type crate with certain types of latches. He is smart and will watch you latch the crate and figure it out.

Second, He is heartworm positive. Because of his extreme anxiety during thunderstorms we decided to go the slow kill route. He has been pretreated with the Doxycycline and is now taking the Heartgard every month. It is standard procedure to give the Heartgard every month as a heartworm preventative and any dog should be checked for heartworms every 6 months anyway. He should be heartworm free in 6 months to a year. We could keep him in a foster home until he is heartworm free but that would be unfair to an otherwise adoptable dog when he could be enjoying his forever family.

Are you the family to give this guy his new start in life? Click on the Adoptions tab in the main menus to find out about the adoption process and fill out an application. His adoption donation is $330. He is currently fostering in the Houston area.

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