Sarge 7.jpg


Age: 5 Years Old 
Sex: Male
Coat: Tri, Semi-Rough Coat

Weight: 35-40 lbs

Activity Level: Active Companion

Good with Other Dogs: Yes! Loves other dogs. 

Good with Cats: Yes! Very calm with cats, likes to sniff and say hi but can take cues.

Good with Children: Good with older kids.
This Profile Last Updated: 10-15-2021

Current Status: Available for Adoption Now

Sarge, was an owner surrender and, according to the owner, is a pure bred Border Collie. 

Sarge is a sweet boy looking for a new lease on life! He's spent a lot of his time living outside so he's still getting used to the comforts of home and he's loving it so far. He's very friendly and loves to lean up against you for some quality pets. He's eager to please and is often seeking attention and comfort from humans. 


An active guy with lots of energy, Sarge loves to play with other dogs and tends to be submissive, so will follow the lead of the other dog and play according to their play style. He's slow going at first but settles into play quickly and will gladly spend hours frolicking with his canine friends. He would do best in an active household with someone who will take him on long walks and make sure he gets plenty of outside time and physical movement throughout the day.  Despite his energy levels, his calm demeanor lends itself well to living with cats, too. He wants to be friendly, so he'll sniff and say hi, but knows when to back off if the cat makes it clear. 


Since Sarge is still settling into being a house dog, he can be anxious inside, especially when there are loud noises like a dishwasher or the AC kicks on. With a human or another dog by his side, though, he tends to perk up quickly. When he's feeling nervous, he will jump up on his person for comfort (a habit we're working on breaking!), so small children are not the best match for him at this time. Once he's outside, he straightens up and shows more confidence. Since he's still learning, he needs someone who is patient as he learns to open up and gets used to the day to day of being in a house. He is quite well behaved inside but will occasionally chew on something off limits, so he needs a close eye kept on him if he's in a room with forbidden objects! 


When it's time to relax or lie down, Sarge likes to find a tight corner and he'll bury his head under a blanket or bed. He does very well in a crate and likes to have it covered with a blanket or sheet so he feels safe and secure. He's potty trained and hasn't had any accidents inside. Since he's so active, he drinks a lot of water, so it's important to let him out right before bedtime and let him out immediately upon waking in the morning, so he's set up for success. 


Overall, Sarge is a lover. He is a very sweet dog who is happy to get attention and affection and loves to run and play. He would fit well into all sorts of homes, as long as he is approached with patience and kindness and his need for daily exercise and outdoor time is met. He'll fit right into your family and be happy to get in lock step with your routine. 


Sarge is fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, and has no known long-term health problems. If you are interested in making Sarge a part of your family, please complete and submit application on our website. A home visit will be required and a $330 donation will be asked.