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In need of a good home for this loving gentle dog.. His name is Sam and I rescued him from Sam Houston High School where he was living under a shed for about 3 months. I've had Sam now for over a year and with my other three dogs its just time for him to find a new home. Four dogs is to many with my busy lifestyle. 

Sam is a border collie mix that loves to play fetch and play with other dogs. He is an inside outside dog and can be shy sometimes but he loves to cuddle and be rubbed on his belly. His favorite place to sleep is under my bed and he knows exactly when it's bedtime and time to get up. He's super smart and friendly and a great pet.
Sam is good with kids and other animals and would be good in a house with multiple dogs or no dogs. He just needs attention and work.  He gets scared around loud noises and sudden movements. He needs some rehabilitation and I just don't have the time he needs and deserves I've tried for over a year and we've made great progress.

I'm asking everyone if you know of a good home or someone that is looking for a 4 year old pup please Message me for details.
I really do need to find this guy a good home ASAP.

He's been fixed and vaccinated too.

Please contact Matt @ 8175222663