Rifle is a Courtesy Post

Rifle 1.jpg
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Age: 1 Year, 8 Months
Sex: Male
Coat: Black and White, Semi-Rough Coat

Weight: 45 lbs

Activity Level: Active Border Collie

This Profile Last Updated: 5-20-2022

Rifle is a pure bred Border Collie, bred near Dallas, Tx. He is fully immunized and on monthly Trifexis. He is a healthy pure bred Collie, official papers will follow adoption! He gets along well with other dogs and does well with adults, but actually tends to be timid around new people until he gets to know them. We haven’t had him around kids on a day to day basis, but with our kids he is good, he also does well with older kids. He gets excited around younger kids, and has never shown any aggressiveness and always just wants to play or be petted. Rifle is house broken but needs training! He is just an energetic dog that needs lots of time and love. His favorite outside toys are a football and a soccer ball. He loves to be chased around with the ball, and loves to catch it when thrown to him. He also loves squeaky toys!


We are very torn on having to rehome Rifle. He really is sweet.


If interested, please contact Griselda Lee at glee7106@gmail.com