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Age: 6-7 Years 
Sex: Female
Coat: Black and White, Semi-Smooth Coat

Weight: 35-40 lbs

Activity Level: Active Companion

Good with Other Dogs: With laid back dogs who don't mind being herded or nipped.

Good with Cats: Depends on the cat.

Good with Children: Over 12 years old.
This Profile Last Updated: 8-12-2021

Current Status: Available for Adoption

Ball crazy Josey is looking for a special adopter who is familiar with border collie energy and quirks!  Although she is believed to be in the 6-7 year old range, no one has told her that and she will play ball all day (and part of the night) if you will cooperate!  She is always ready to play.  Josey could be a border collie mix but we think if not purebred, she has a high percentage of border collie lineage.    Super focus on a ball (or frisbee).   Based on her behavior, we believe it is likely that she is out of working lines.   Josey has strong herding instincts and will herd/nip other dogs in the household to “guide” them when they don’t obey her directions although she is not otherwise aggressive with dogs.  She exhibits the same behavior with children; Josey is also a master of the snatch-and-grab if she sees a ball or toy she wants in a child’s hand. 


Josey is smart and learns quickly but would do best with an adopter who will establish boundaries and reinforce commands on a regular basis.    We believe that Josey had lived outside prior to coming into rescue.    She has adjusted well to living in a house but requires some special care.  She needs to eliminate within 5-10 minutes after eating; if let outside, she is happy to take care of business outside but if you fail to let her out, she will not wait.  A doggie door would probably be the best option or be prepared to either feed her outside or take her outside immediately.   Josey will also need to be crated when left alone as she is curious about everything in the house and whether it might make a good toy or ball!    Things that don’t make a good toy may be destroyed!

Josey is not a cuddler but she is looking for a person with whom she can bond.   She does solicit touching from her foster mom but it took time and patience for this.   Josey recognizes “cookies”, “outside”,  “lay down” and a few other words but opts to ignore “come” or “sit” so she needs an owner who will set boundaries for her.    She walks well on leash but does not heel.   She will focus in on every child playing with a ball at least 100 yards away. 

With some time, patience and training, Josey will make a wonderful companion for an active person would take her for walks and play ball or frisbee to help her expend energy.   She has recently completed heartworm treatment, is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.  Josey’s adoption donation is $330.