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Age: 1.5Y

Sex: Female
Coat: Black and White Smooth Coat

Weight: 44lbs

Activity Level: Active Companion

Good with Other Dogs: Yes

Good with Cats: Yes, but can be playful 

Good with Children: Yes

This Profile Last Updated: 1.09.2024

Current Status: Available for Adoption

Hi, I am Harley!

I have so much energy and love to give! Like all Aussies and Collies, I am always looking for something to do.  Just sprinkle some toys around and I will find them and share them with you, or just amuse myself with them.  I love meeting new people and will want them to play with me when they come over.  I play well with other dogs too.


Along with the energy, I am also an excellent cuddler.  When you come home, I will want to reconnect before I go outside.  I will curl up with you for as long as you want to pet me.  I don’t need to get on the furniture, unless it is a two-paws lean in to get close to you when you are laying down on the couch.  I have two doggie beds, one for daytime snoozing and one for bedtime, and I will go there when told. When you leave, just say “crate up” and in I go (if you could leave me a bully stick for my boredom, that would be great).  When you come home, I am all waggy tails.

I love adventures but can be hesitant around too busy of streets with lots of loud cars, but it is something I'm making improvements on. I love to hang out at parks and go for hikes (and have also participated in Trivia night at local bars)!

Why are we looking for a new home for me?  Because my current owner works several long days, and spends weekends outdoors.  He has tried to bring me to work, but I'm still young and get so excited to see new people that he can’t work. This means more crate time, which I am fine with, but would sure love to have more contact time with the right family. So, come on over.  I’d love to meet you 😊

Want to learn more about Harley? Click on the Adoptions tab in the main menus to find out about the adoption process and fill out an application. Harley's adoption fee is $375 and she is is being fostered in the Houston area.

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