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Age: 9 Months

Sex: Female
Coat: Black and White Smooth Coat

Weight: 44lbs

Activity Level: Active Companion

Good with Other Dogs: Yes

Good with Cats: Unknown

Good with Children: Yes, but can be overly excited so needs reinforcement of proper greetings

This Profile Last Updated: 5-1-2023

Current Status: Available for Adoption

"Meet Harley! Short for “Slow Down There, Harley Davidson,” this goofy gal is as energetic as she is enthusiastic. A high energy, high drive dog, with a love for both toys and food, Harley could make for a good sport prospect. Harley loves people, and will jump into just about anyone’s lap with her trademark enthusiasm at the drop of a hat! She is still young, so she can be anxious in new environments, and she’s got a ways to go when it comes to manners. But as an eager to please pup that’s very food motivated, Harley is a quick learner, and we’re sure that with the right guidance and right environment she’ll be gaining confidence fast. Silly, lovable, and athletic, Harley is sure to make for a wonderful addition to any experienced household—so long as they can keep up!" Given Harley's energy level, she would be a great fit as a second pup to a well-mannered, playful, confident older dog sibling!


Harley is: Very affectionate, silly, playful, athletic, energetic, good with dogs, quick to pick up training (like leash skills), enjoys hiking, hilariously cat like at times, very food motivated, quick to pick up on commands, can entertain herself with chews/puzzle toys.

Want to learn more about Harley? Click on the Adoptions tab in the main menus to find out about the adoption process and fill out an application. Harley's adoption fee is $375 and she is is being fostered in the Houston area.

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