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Ferris loves to be outside, running, playing chase, keep away and then hang out for movie time inside.
He enjoys getting in the water and playing in the pool.
A sweet, loving guy who wants to be included in his human's life and of course, get belly rubs.. 
Crate trained
Good with all active female dogs who want to play, but dominant male dogs would not be a good fit.
He can be with balance submissive males. He'd be happy with a playful female dog in the home or also as an only dog with an active human.

Intelligent guy who has learned basic commands 'sit, crate, come inside' and would love to learn more if taught.
Very food motivated boy. 
Listens well to his human, looks to them for direction and wants to please. 
Rides well in the car. 
Sleeps through the night in his crate, but he'd be happy on a dog bed in your room. 
Walks well on leash.
Can be left home alone for several hours, because he does not have any separation anxiety. 
Happy to entertain himself in the yard while you work on the computer. 
Not a big barker, but will 'talk' to the squirrels and can be vocal in initiating play. 
Best with children over 10, due to his energy level. 
Has not been cat tested, so we will not be adopting him to a home with cats. 
Only homes with a fenced yard where he will not be left alone for long hours will be considered. 
Ferris is 55 lbs. neutered, microchipped, up to date on vaccines, including rabies, heartworm negative and is current on prevention. 


Ferris in located in Forth Worth area, TX. Please contact

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