Age: 7 Years 
Sex: Male
Coat: Black and White, Semi Rough Coat
Weight: 55 lbs

Activity Level: Active Companion

Good with Other Dogs: Yes

Good with Cats: No

Good with Children: Older Children - he is very exuberant and may knock over younger children.
This Profile Last Updated: 10-15-2021

Current Status: Available for Adoption Now


Fergus was surrendered to a shelter by his owner for being “too hyper.” As if that wasn’t rough enough for a sweet, active dog, he turned out to need surgery in both rear legs, due to a luxating patella and an ACL tear. While recovery from surgery is hard on even the mellowest dogs, it’s especially hard when all you want to do is run and play. Now, after his recovery, Fergus is ready for adoption.  According to Fergus’s former owner, Fergus is a purebred Border Collie, although he may be a Border Collie/Aussie mix. Whatever he is, he is stunning. Fergus is exceptionally outgoing. He never meets a stranger. He’s still learning about acceptable ways to greet strangers and he would love nothing more than to jump up and smother them with kisses, but he’s learning quickly and has already learned not to jump up on his foster family. His exuberance sometimes makes him forget his manners on his leash, too, although a reminder to leave it is often enough to turn him back into a good loose leash walker.

Fergus loves his person and is a little protective of that relationship to the point where it might be considered resource guarding. He has been through a 4 week board and train for obedience and to work on this particular issue. He has shown improvement but is not perfect.  With persistent positive reinforcement he will continue to improve. Fergus loves all toys and chews, but he particularly loves balls and would be happy to play catch for hours. For all his energy, however, Fergus is quite happy to settle at your feet when you’ve had enough. He sleeps well in or out of his kennel and he kennels well. He will sit and stay on command. When you open a door and he will not go through the door until you release him from the Sit Stay to go through the door.  He will retrieve the ball and bring it right back to you.  He will release the ball to you on the command "drop it".

We think the best possible home would be with no cats, he chases them, in a rural setting with a family having no young children (he might knock them down with his playfulness/enthusiasm. Please consider giving this loving boy a second chance. He is a special treasure and as such his adoption fee is $330.

Fergus is neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm free. If you are interested in making Fergus a part of your family, please complete and submit an application on our website today!