Age: 8 Years 
Sex: Female
Coat: Black and White, Semi-Rough Coat

Weight: ?? lbs

Activity Level: Active Companion

Good with Other Dogs: Best as an only dog, Not small dogs

Good with Cats: No

Good with Children: No Pre-teen Children
This Profile Last Updated: 8-12-2021

Dessa is a sweet as they come! She is super affectionate to her family members and loves be be cuddled! Her favorite place is to be right at your feet for a good scratch! Dessa has a fairly low energy level. She enjoys exploring the outdoors and playing with toys on occasion, but for the most part loves to sun bathe and hang out in the house! She is very athletic and we have spotted her on very strange surfaces like a fire pit, and puppy kennel, just enjoying the day.   Dessa can and will jump a 4’ fence. 


Dessa LOVES bones, chews and other interactive toys.   Although she is part Border collie, Dessa is not the super high strung type where she needs to play and be stimulated every moment of the day! That being said, even a lower level energy border collie still requires some exercise! 


Although Dessa has gotten along fine with dogs her own size, we are recommending that she be in an only dog home.   She cannot be trusted around small dogs as for some reason only she knows, she inappropriately reacts to small dogs on occasion and has injured two small dogs.   For this reason, we also recommend she be in a cat-free home.  


After a freak accident, a few inches of Dessa’s tail required amputation.   

The ideal home for Dessa would me a moderately active family who would enjoy taking Dessa on their adventures together! Camping, hiking, parks or walks around the block would be great moderate exercise for a girl like Dessa!