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Rowdy is a fun loving, 'life of the party' 1 year old Border Collie Mix who would love to go on adventures with his humans. He really enjoys activities like playing, wrestling, fetch and will be a great running / hiking partner. 


  • Smart, social guy who loves all humans and prefers to be with his people

  • Affectionate, likes getting pet and being brushed. 

  • Housetrained.

  • Crate trained. 

  • Dog friendly boy who loves playing with other dogs and would be happiest in a home with another playful dog or with regular doggie playdates. Best with dogs 20+ lbs and non dominant male dogs.

  • Child friendly and has been around many children. Had good boundaries and loves them. Due to his energy level, we are recommending kids 10 yrs and older.

  • No destructive behavior shown inside or outside.

  • Great car rider who likes to sit in the back looking out the window. 

  • Intelligent boy who has learned 'sit, shake and come'.

  • Communicative and barks at times, but not incessantly.

  • Sleeps through the night on a dog bed in his foster's room. 

  • Still working on leash manners, but does great off leash at the park. 


Being a young, energetic pup, he needs chew toys, treats and to be redirected to continue learning.
Only homes with a fully fenced yard where he won't be left home alone for long hours will be considered. 
A family willing to do training and access all his smarts and abilities would be fantastic. So much to this smart athletic pup!


Rowdy is 57 lbs. neutered, up to date on vaccines, including rabies, heartworm negative and current on prevention.
*In addition to his adoption fee, there is a transport fee to bring Rowdy to Colorado or the PNW.

Please contact Melinda at for more information on Rowdy!

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