Age: 5 Years
Sex: Female
Coat: Black and White, Smooth Coat
Weight: 38 lbs

Activity Level: Active Companion

Good with Other Dogs: Yes

Good with Cats: No Cats or other small pets/animals.

Good with Children: All Ages
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Bebe (pronounced “Beebee”) came from the Navasota, Texas animal shelter with seven puppies.    Before being picked up by animal control, Bebe must have been hit by a car. Her front left leg was hurt and it dislocated her elbow. It was never set back in place and had healed up before she was taken by our rescue, leaving her with a limp. After extensive testing with a veterinarian manipulating her leg in every way possible, it was determined that Bebe, amazingly, feels no pain in this leg, and the limp is just a result of the leg healing “out of place” and there was no reason to remove it.


When Bebe walks or trots, she limps and holds up her left leg, but when she decides to flat out run, she moves like the wind with all four legs working together as normal and at a lightning speed. All four paws touch the ground with every stride, as if she forgets there is something “different” about one of her legs. Bebe is quite a sight to behold. Her foster mother has a five-acre fenced yard and she runs around it so fast you’d never know one of her legs was different unless you also happened to see her walking.


Temperament & Activity Level


Although quite shy with new people and environments, Bebe is extremely sweet and loving once she has become acquainted with you. She absolutely adores people and being with people but can be shy on initial meeting. Give Bebe a good belly rub and she will be your friend for life.


Don’t let her special leg dissuade you, as an active companion, Bebe needs daily exercise – around her foster home, the hustle and bustle of life on a busy working ranch is enough to keep her busy as she oversees and supervises! In a more urban area, leash walks, hiking, swimming, trips to the dog park, or whatever actives you have available in your area will be sufficient. Like all dogs, Bebe needs an outlet for her energy.  However, she would not be unlikely to make a good apartment dog.  



Children, Cats & Other animals


Bebe does fine with kids of all ages (at least ages 4-18) but does not co-exist well with cats and should go only go to a cat-free home as she has a strong prey drive. Bebe also will chase and herd livestock like goats, cattle, and horses.


Other Dogs & Play


Bebe would do fine as an only dog or in a family with other dogs as long as those dogs are not aggressive or overtly dominant to her. Her fear response to the aggression of other dogs is to cower and hide if possible. She seems to enjoy having other friendly dogs around bus does not go out of her way to play with them and is often indifferent to them and much more focused on her foster parents and the goings-on of the ranch where she is being fostered. Bebe LOVES to swim. If you have a pond, lake, or access to a dog park or other safe area with water, she will be thrilled!




Bebe knows he name very well, “sit,” “come,” is kennel/crate trained, and walks well on leash. Please note that even with her special left leg, Bebe easily, and daily, vaults a 4-foot fence without a thought. Thankfully there is a taller fence around the perimeter of her current foster ranch, so she can’t go very far. A similar country situation like this, or a much taller fence is necessary, especially in an urban environment.




Bebe is spayed, fully vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm negative! If you are interested in making Bebe a part of your family, please start the process by visiting the homepage to fill out and submit an adoption application.