Who We Are

All Border Collie Rescue is a not for profit volunteer rescue organization dedicated to the rescue of Border Collies. This passionate group of Border Collie lovers have had the good fortune of meeting and befriending each other through past rescue work.  Some of our volunteers are new to working with border collies, while some possess over a decade of experience with Border Collies. We work extensively with many other Border Collie and all breed rescues.

All Border Collie Rescue started in November of 2008.  The founder saw a need for additional funding and foster homes for rescued Border Collies and responded by obtaining non-profit status, and thus beginning ABC Rescue. In ABC's first year, twenty five Border Collies were rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed.  In ABC's second year, 115 Border Collies were accepted into the program, most of whom found their forever homes. In our third year (2011), ABC rescued 220 Border Collies and found homes for over 170. In 2012 we rescued over 330 Border Collies and 2013 look like a banner year too!

The Border Collies we take in come from many shelters throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and neighboring states.  On occasion we accept Border Collies from other rescue groups and as a result of owner relinquishment.  Many are unwanted, abused, have been lost or are abandoned.  While we cannot guarantee all of our Border Collies are purebred, the majority appear to be based on their looks and behaviors.  A few may be Border Collie Mixes.  All ABC dogs are fully vaccinated, have been heart-worm tested and on heart-worm prevention.  Border Collies who are over 6 months of age are all spayed or neutered, those under 6 months of age will only be placed with a signed Spay Neuter Contract and the new owners will agree to regular follow ups until the dog is spayed or neutered. 

Our goal is to rescue, in some cases rehab, and successfully match our Border Collies to forever homes with well-matched temperament and abilities.   Many of our foster homes have other dogs, cats, children and varying levels of obedience training.   As a result, we make every effort to evaluate our Border Collies for compatibility in order to match the dog with the family.  We believe that Border Collies with sound temperament should be given every opportunity to lead happy, healthy and fruitful lives.   We also believe that rescued Border Collies are far more dependable, well adapted, wiser dogs because of their “tougher road in life” and as a result, they know they have been “saved” and have a strong desire to bond with their new families. 

Every dollar collected goes back into the next dog in need.  Our adoption fees are $300 for dogs and puppies; $200 dollars for seniors and special needs dogs. When you adopt from ABC, your dog will be spayed or neutered, (or for pups not yet old enough, a spay/neuter contract will be executed), current on all vaccines, heart worm negative and on preventative.  They will also be micro-chipped.

All Border Collie Rescue members know that it’s ALWAYS all about the dogs.


Is a Border Collie right for me?

A Border Collie is a wonderful dog in the right home, but too often find themselves in inappropriate settings because their owners were not properly educated about the breed. Border Collies are very smart and learn quickly.  However, they are not born knowing the skills you see them displaying.  The Border Collie you see at the sheepdog trials, obedience, or agility trials are the product of years of training, hard work and consistency.

Border Collies have been bred for centuries with one goal in mind... to work sheep.  While this is a positive in a farm setting, this makes Border Collies ill suited to many lifestyles.  Many Border Collies will mistake children for sheep and herd and nip at them. A novice Border Collie owner will need to fulfill the dogs' needs with both mental and physical stimulation.  In the right home, a Border Collie is a marvelous addition and can make a great pet, but in the wrong environment a BC can be inappropriate.


Border Collie Basics

Border Collies are a diverse breed.  Although the classic look is black and white, the breed comes in many different colors, coats, and sizes.  Border Collies can range from 25-65 pounds.  Coats can range from rough to smooth.  Ears can be up or down or anything in between. Eyes can range from light to dark brown and sometimes even blue.  Although a specific look may be appealing to you, it is important to choose a dog whose temperament and activity level best matches your lifestyle.


Border Collie Needs

Border Collies are extremely intelligent dogs.  This means they are easy to train but it also means that they will find their own work if not given a job.  More often than not, if the BC chooses the job, it will not be something that you will like.  In order to keep him focused, you will need to figure out the job your Border Collie needs to stay satisfied.  With a rescue dog, it is best to ask the foster parent as they will know the dog's needs.  Border Collies will need daily exercise and mental stimulation.  Formal training is a great way to help your BC adapt to your home and also bond with you.  A well-behaved Border Collie can be an excellent companion and friend.  BC's are loyal to their owners and excel at anything they are trained to do.


Am I the proper home for a Border Collie?

If you believe a Border Collie is the right breed for you, please consider a rescue.  Rescues make excellent pets for active households.  Many rescue BC's are great prospects for herding and agility, while others will simply make great family pets. Know your limitations and good luck finding your new family member!


For more information on border collies, check out the following web-sites:

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Also watch this great video: Do I Really Want a Border Collie?



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